A pretty boring day in New Orleans

Last night I stayed in a cheap motel in New Orleans, expecting to get killed. I luckily didn’t, but I did wake up to the sound of someone trying to get into our room. I grabbed my knife, half asleep, only to realize it was housekeeping and we forgot to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door. We told her to leave us alone. She came back regardless and pretty much broke in. I started packing up my stuff and Jordan, who already had started walking out, left the door open (to tell me to hurry). I hurried although I was annoyed. We gave the key back and got on the interstate to head back to the hospital where Tara and her baby were. Once we got on the interstate I realized I left my pillow. So we headed back and I got my pillow. We got to the hospital and Jordan held Tara’s baby Dawson for the first time. Then we headed to a restaurant called Milk Bar. We were searching for a parking spot and it was pretty much hell because there was only parking on the side of the street. Tara was trying to parallel park in this tiny spot in an SUV. She couldn’t. A young guy with dreadlocks was laughing at us from a restaurant window. He came outside to help us. Tara asked him to do it, so with me in the backseat, he parked; quickly at that. Tara and Jordan made the joke that I was gonna get kidnapped. I luckily did not. We walked to the restaurant and it was closed. Embarrassed, we walked back to the car. We got in and tried getting out of the spot. The guy came back outside to help us. Tara suggested we go to O Henry’s. We drove there and parked in front of Walgreen’s. We discovered that the road was flooded and started walking to find a place that wasn’t a puddle- we didn’t. We sat upstairs in O Henry’s. I got peanut shells all over my shoes. Our waiter was pretty hot. He had da booty. He complimented my dreads. When the lady brought us our orders she said “Who had the Hangsta?!” Hangsta being said like gangsta. I got a veggie burger and Jordan got a “Feelin’ Good” burger. Mine was mediocre, but I didn’t expect much. We headed back to the hospital and changed. Jordan and I then left to find The American Horror Story buildings.



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